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Von Maur, Inc., stylized as VON MAUR, is an American department store chain whose 36 stores in fifteen states anchor shopping malls or lifestyle centers. A signature element of Von Maur stores is a live pianist who performs for customers during normal business hours.

Von Maur employees have long working hours and no work-life balance, salary is low and management is unprofessional, according to a review by a current employee at indeed.com

"The hours are all over the place and it's almost impossible to find a balance with your daily life. You aren't paid fairly at all for the insane amount of work they expect you to do. Management is petty and treats you like children."


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Former Employee - Clarins Cosmetic Counter Manager says

"Everything. No chance of advancement unless you're a white woman. I'm serious. The furthest someone of color will go is a department head."

Former Employee - Retail Associate says

"Horrible Hours, Boring, Management, No Time Off, Standing Long Hours"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Corporate has finally demonstrated unequivocally that they don't care about the welfare of their employees by their refusal to enforce the Illinois Coronavirus Mask Guideline for customers."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Pressured to open a certain amount of Von Maur charge cards every month or you got publicly shamed, unnecessarily long tiring training, commission is only 1% per sale yet these are hundred dollar items. Can’t drink water on the floor because “it’s a bad look,” etc."

Former Employee - Executive Trainee says

"Where do I start? First, every single negative review that you read on this site is absolutely true. This is a horrible place to work. I went in with an open mind but can safely say that it was far worse than I could have imagined. As a trainee, you will start in the stores and while the hours are not great, I cannot say anything bad about my store experience. Managers were fine and for the most part other employees were good too. Within a few months I was asked to interview at the corporate office for an "executive" position. After starting my new position there, that is where my entire outlook on the company changed. You will be micromanaged, belittled, and treated as if you are an idiot when you get to the corporate office. Management does not really care about you as a person but the bottom line. Your hairstyles and attire will be scrutinized for no reason. I got pulled into my managers office because my sweater was "not a professional enough material" and because my top knot hairstyle was "not professional" enough. You are not allowed to make friends in the office because it is "not professional" so you will often times feel extremely isolated at work. If they do catch you making friends, you will be reprimanded and again accused of not being a professional. Your vacation requests will frequently be denied. I requested Christmas eve off to go to church and it was denied - I was told I could find another church to go to with a service that would be after work. There were so many other instances where I requested vacation during non busy times - also denied. Your manager has access to your email and will religiously monitor it to ensure your inbox is not too full and that you are answering emails in a timely matter (not that I had anything to hide but it was really just weird). You will be grossly underpaid for your job, just as all hourly employees are grossly underpaid. Dress code sucks, women can only wear black pants even though men can wear whatever color they want. Just another example of how you will be belittled/ treated as less than. If you want to have a snack at your desk or drink that is not allowed. Only water in a clear container is allowed at your desk. They police this which is so ridiculous. Pretty much everything you say and everything you do will be extremely monitored and scrutinized. There is no upper manager at this company that you can truly. They all talk and they will all throw you under the bus at any opportunity they can. Lastly, there is zero flexibility working here and you will never be allowed to work from home. Even though you have a device and it would totally be possible, they will not allow it. Zero exceptions. If you are 1 minute late, they will notice it and you will be pulled aside. If you need to leave 1 minute early for something, again, you will be accused of not being professional. So do not plan on ever being late or ever being able to leave early, even if your work is done for the day. When COVID hit there was ZERO communication to employees about what they were going to do/ what the options were for employees. It was only communicated after the fact to people about what was going on -AKA Melody the COO stood on a latter in the middle of the office, yelling, to tell us that we would see AN EMAIL on the status of our employment. So people got told via email that they were being furloughed or going to reduced hours/ salary. Leading up to the lay offs, they took away all breaking in the office and if you wanted to eat lunch, you had to eat in your car. I have heard from people who are still working part time that the communication is still awful and that things have gotten even worse."

Former Employee - Stock Associate says

"The employees were rude and stuck up, specially lower management. My immediate supervisor was annoyed with having to train me, kept complaining about it. I did not feel welcome at all."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Good team environment. Lack of care towards the employees during COVID 19 pandemic compared to profits."


"Floor managers and DMs will toss you under the bus without a second thought. DMs won’t train you properly and then you will be yelled at by higher ups for mistakes. Almost 10 people have left since I did and at least five left while I was working there. I was highest sales in my department for several weeks in a row And was told I didn’t do enough to make the company think I was worth a raise."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"No customers literally at all somedays."

Former Employee - Customer Service Clerical says

"Many excuses as to why you won’t be promoted to another department. Dress code updated to include black pants, very restrictive on length, fabric, etc."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management at the OKC location is racist as well as their security. Not only do they profile their customers but their own employees as well. Employees are also not encouraged to speak to each other, causing a toxic work environment/culture. They attract employees with their 1%commission in lieu of a higher hourly wage and “flexible scheduling” but once you’re hired you’ll only ever get 25cent raise. There is no work life balance.If you’re lucky, you will have great coworkers that can see through the toxicity.business is painfully slow, dress code is outdated, 1min late you’re tardy and once you hit so many youre terminated, inadequate sick time so employees come to work ill to avoid losing their jobs, shipment days you will work on the dock hauling boxes off semi trucks with no AC in a skirt"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"management don't promote people of color. they only want to use you to get sales & open up their accounts with no benefits or incentive for you as a person of color.Nice customersManagement"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I have never had a job I disliked so much. We weren't allow to drink water on our shifts or sit down. The departments are extremely slow and there isn't much to do. They offer commission on what you sell but co workers steal your clients."

Sales Associate - Retail (Former Employee) says

"I was fired for being sick.. was hospitalized for a severe double kidney infection and missed 2 days of work and was fired... was physically unable to be at work and they did not compensate at all.. came to work during my illness and had doctor written notes about needing water at all times and they did not allow it. Not a good work environment or fair whatsoever."

Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"I had the worst experience working at von maur. I’ve never hated working at a job so much in my entire life. There’s been times I haven’t been paid correctly, the management exclusively in the cosmetic department created a micro managing toxic work environment, and there’s been times we were told we would be rewarded for making sales goals and they took it away. Overall I wouldn’t even shop at bob maur ever again"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for about six months. Von Maur has many issues and outdated rules. Sales goals are ridiculous and almost impossible to reach most of the time. They will write you up if you do not reach these goals even during your first month. Tardy/absence policy is unreasonably strict. The dress code is 1950's- esque. Women are not allowed to wear pants, they must wear dresses or knee length skirts IN 2019. They just recently got rid of the policy that women have to wear tights. Management are typically judgy and condescending. Additionally, they are disorganized. Ex- I referred someone who was called in for an interview and in the middle of the interview was told they are no longer hiring and for some reason did not know this until mid-interview. When you quit, they pretty much beg you to stay and tell you that you are welcome back yet if you apply again, you will get an undetailed email saying that you fall outside the rehire guidelines. They will have you cover other departments when employees call off even when you are not trained there at all. Really the only perk/positive part of working here is that **some** coworkers are very nice and pleasant to be around and you get pay and a half on sundays. Overall, I do not suggest working here. The environment is unpleasant and there are very little perks. the perks do not outweigh the laundry list of negatives."

Beauty (Former Employee) says

"Miserable management, cosmetics department is runed by totally uneducated and unprofessional people. They are very close friends, when schedule comes out almost always is being changed for to get off weekend shifts or opening shifts on Saturday. On Sunday barely anybody is there to cover 8 counters and close 8 registers. As new hired employee you will get the closishifts on Friday night , Saturday and Sunday. Embarrassing how rude person runs Estee Lauder andgrabs all the sales notl"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"I have never not finished out a two week notice until I decided to leave Von Maur. They think they are providing great customer service but what they are doing is creating customers who steal (wear/use things and return them because they can) lie and disrespect associates."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Upper management is easily described as a Mean Girls Group! They are selective in who they promote. Do not offer guidance on improving your sales goals. Do not support their staff. Run the entire store with fear and intimidation. Store manager is moody. DMs do not support their staff."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I would typically come in for my shift a little bit early around 15 mins to catch up and see what the day had been like. Working customer service was not really a great spot in the store, you had no coverage and if your first shift person left at 3 and you came in at 1 that means you take your lunch at 2 then cant use the restroom or take a break for the rest of the night. it was not a good place to be or work at."

Ssles Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Trouble company. Very stressful. Would not recommend this company to anyone. Not a good company at all. Store needs up dated. Management is not good."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Von Maur was one of the worst job experiences that I’ve ever had. My relative and I both worked there and they wouldn’t allow us to have conversations with each other. Management even got mad when they found out we texted regularly (we are family so why wouldn’t we?). They don’t want you being friends with other employees at all. The job is more like a telemarketing position than a sales, apparel, cosmetics job. You’ll sit on the phone all day calling thousands of people that don’t want to talk to you and would prefer a mail out flyer or a text to their phone to notify them of in store sales. You are reminded every few weeks that you are disposable during the CSIP review. The store is empty most of the time so meeting your sales goals is difficult. Management is also incredibly moody and when they have a bad day or you ask a simple question, they are rude and emotional and proceed to take it out on you.NothingEverything"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"If you need time off forget it. If you are part time expect to close all the time. Management hides in offices. No communication. If you do your sales quota you are left alone if not you get talked down to. Old school ideas. Men have to wear complete suits. Women have to wear dresses."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They have the worst management team setup here. It’s a few 25-30 year old women who have no real world experience and take this job way too seriously causing a stressful work environment; rather than negative all the time. Worst just I’ve ever had! STAY AWAY"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"If you are looking to be part time don’t even bother. Unless it’s your life goal to work at Von Maur full time you won’t advance at all. If you’re just going through college and want a part time job, I’d try elsewhere.Ok payPsycho managers and rules"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"We are in 2019 and the lack of inclusivity is outrageous. I easily adjust to policies or rules within the workplace but the rules here are crazy. Women only wear skirts, no shoulders out, no facial piercings, tattoos, corduroy, men can’t have piercings, no dyed hair color (unnatural colors), no lace or sheer fabrics , etc. How can we be a store that provides items for self expression when the employees can’t express ourselves in any way, shape or form. I had a customer that saw I had a bandage over my tattoo and I let her know of Von Maurs policy and she was appalled that they have this policy (along with covering my facial piercings). It’s crazy because she was over 65 years old. It’s sad because it seems to me that Von Maur’s target customer is 80+ year olds. They are excluding a lot of people and that’s how Von Maur loses to Nordstrom BIG TIME. One thing that really shows their favoritism to the older/outdated way of business is the fact that they do not provide email receipts. I know people 35 and younger actually prefer email receipts and almost all retail stores have it. Just think of how much paper they’re wasting. The entire database is so behind compared to other retailers I’ve worked at. 90% of the things they have to do on paper can be done through the sales system/computer register. So many things could go much more swiftly with updating their system. They look at the fact that they open a new store every year as an advancement, but in reality the 3rd markdowns is what keeps a lot of customers (old ones too surprisingly) coming back. I am passionate about providingI was able to see how the business is really ran behind closed doorsThe list is a mile long"

Department Manager (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place Customers amazing managers are rude you complain you get fired. Do something wrong you are on a list with that list they find everything wrong that you do to get you outta there"

Lancôme Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and now work life management. Employees are extremely undervalued. No work life balance always scared that managers were going to fire you unfairly."

Department Manger (Current Employee) says

"the company is very basis and is hard to work for, If you don't have a very fake attitude or don't get close to the management you wont get promoted. You the same things every day and every week super boringpaid time off after a yrbad managment"

Loss Prevention Officer (Former Employee) says

"Some of your duties will include, surveillance of possible shoplifters on CCTV, apprehension and interview. Working with local law enforcement and taking cash drops to the bank. I would avoid working here at all possible costs unless you need a job desperately.Lunch is hour longPoor management with little to no ethics, morals or training, you can be terminated at the drop of a dime if they do not like you, hour lunch is tedious, hours can be cut, teammates and management do not have your back and will throw you under the bus"

HAM says

"Poor experience. Longtime customer, I will no longer be shopping with Von Maur."

Tony V says

"Terrible experience will never shop here again, period!!!!!!!! the manager Emily in victor ny, ruined that for the company."

Katie Kepler says

"I’ve been a loyal customer for 20 years! In 2019/2020 this “family owned” department store has changed for the worst! What has made me a loyal customer all these years is GONE! I even moved to California and continued my loyalty to the midwestern store until the following occurred:
First, they changed the minimum amount you must spend to receive free gift wrapping (from $0 to $10) AND changed the types of wrapping offered (from a noteworthy array of amazing options to THREE- white, blue, or red).
Secondly, in August of 2020, they changed their return policy. You may no longer return or exchange items that are more than 50% off!!! What the heck?!
Third, as of November 2, 2020, customers who want to purchase sale items online MUST PICK UP AT A STORE! Some customers can’t or won’t purchase a $100 pair of jeans until they’re marked down to $50 or $25 and that is COMPLETELY normal! I mean, really Von Maur? During the pandemic you insist we all show up in person? And for those of us that don’t live near a store with inventory...Shall we fly to the Midwest to get a good deal? I mean, we could always You call one of the 40+ stores and have them check inventory, purchase items, and get them shipped as I was advised today, but really Von Maur?! And not one single Von Maur employee has the ability to search available inventory?! Is this the Stone Age?! Are you really telling me that you expect your customers to call 40+ stores to purchase items for shipping simply because they are on sale?!
You know what? Have your store! I’ll shop at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, etc. from now on. And for the record, whoever you hired that has made these RIDICULOUS policy changes has most definitely ruined your reputation and caused lost sales! Good luck keeping your doors open!"

Cin says

"I used to love shopping at Von Maur - not anymore. I am not pleased with the change in the return policy, what I am referring to is when they reopened after COVID-19. At first they didn't take returns, then they changed the return policy without notice. The return policy was you could return and get refund with a receipt and without if you had a Von Maur charge (which I do). When I went to make returns I was issued a merchandise credit. I would say 50% of my returns went well, however there were two associates who treated me like I was committing a crime - even though I had a receipt for my returns. One in particular the manager in the lingerie department in the Cedar Falls store, had a major ‘attitude’ and when I asked her to write the dollar amount of my merchandise credit on the card, she refused and handed me a pen to do it myself. WOW!!!!!!! Amazingly rude! I had always enjoyed shopping at Von Maur, but now I have to say I no longer feel this way. There are plenty of other stores that appreciate my business and who have a more ethical approach to return policy’s. I would also like to note, that I searched Von Maur’s return policy on their website and found no updated information about the change in their return policy! However, they have now changed it as of August 1, 2020, 90 days with a receipt."

Mk says

"The store has adopted a silent “policy” to steal from non suspecting customers. I bought a shoe at the Fort Wayne branch and after trying at home indoor it caused me terrible back pain. I returned and when the associate heard it had been worn stated it cannot be returned. I spoke with the manager and she told me the policy had changed. If the item is worn, it can’t be returned. I asked for the new policy and the only she showed me was one stating item with a receipt can be returned for full refund within 90 days, those without a receipt can be returned within the same time line for store credit. I bought the shoe within the last week and was not offered the full refund nor the store credit. This store is out to steal from you!
I left the shoe in their possession because as far as am concerned if they take the money they should also have no problem taking the shoe as well."

Cyndie Mckenna says

"The best store ever just became like every other cookie cutter store. They must be closing since final sales policy has been instated. Even dollar stores don’t have final sales.
I called to see if my local store could request the item I was interested in, so I could try on, and I was told no. They just lost a weekly shopper that rarely went a week without purchase."

Anna Per says

"I used to be a faithful Von Maur shopper for 10+ years. Loved store, customer service, return policy. Now all went down the drain :(
Return policy was changed not just going forward, but if you are trying to return a new item with tag and receipt from last year you get a store credit, but you CAN"T use it when you shop online because their system doesn't accept store credit anymore!"

Parker Johnson says

"Your customer service went from a 10 to a 2! Changing your return policies without notification is not acceptable! Short term gains and long term losses! I will now go elsewhere. Twenty year plus loyal customer gone!"

Wajiha E. says

"Rosedale MN New Von Maur store employees discriminate customers who have accent or a different name (other than names like John Smith).
Not a fair business, they have credibility issues---my detailed review on Google explains how poorly the Von Maur mgmt. is running this business in MN. Some of the employees were fired by other retailers due to bad attitudes and they're working at this Rosedale Von Maur. I've been a long time (37 yrs) Macy's loyal Premier customer and there is great mutual respect and regard with the store mgrs., DVP, Regional V.P. Whereas, Von Maur Regional mgr. encourages discrimination at Rosedale store, so I do not recommend Von Maur store if you want a pleasant and fair shopping experience."